“How to Enjoy the Process of Scientific Writing” With Ben White

20 November 2019 | admin
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Seminar “How to Enjoy the Process of Scientific Writing” held by CPPS UGM on Friday (11/15/2019) was one of interesting event to note.

Prof. Ben White, as the speaker, gave some tips on good and fun scientific writing. First, when the writer(s) writes scientific paper like a thesis, he advised the writer(s) to be able to firstly forget that he is writing a thesis. Second, anything related to the affairs with the supervisor can also be forgotten for a moment. He then emphasized the participants to try to communicate with what they wanted to write, “Hear the voice of your book speaking to you, and write it …” he said.

The fourth tip is to keep on exercising. “Writing is not just a matter of talent, but also about practice,” he said. The exercise is supported by frequently reading books and not delaying to write it immediately. Finally, he reminded to continue writing in a discipline habit.

“All successful writers usually have discipline or routine writing habit. Some are happy to write in the morning, some at night. It’s also important to do and get used to,” he added.