Exploring the Role of Digital Forensics in Cyber Incident Disclosure

17 May 2023 | media_cpps
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CPPS UGM – MDKIK SPs UGM in collaboration with CPPS UGM successfully held a public lecture entitled “The Role of Digital Forensics in Disclosure of Cyber Incidents” on Tuesday, 16 May 2023.

Sylvia W. Sumarlin (Senior Advisor to the Indonesian Information Technology Federation) as the speaker in this public lecture explained the role and stages of digital forensic work starting from the digital forensic ecosystem to the investigation stage. Apart from that, Sylvia also talked about a number of case studies of data leaks and/or falsification that often occur in cyberspace.

On this occasion, Sylvia explained that there are four levels in cyber activities or operations, namely: hacking or penetration; defanding or defense; hardening or strengthening; and forensics.

In many cases, cyber incidents have many varieties, including identity fraud, defamation, industrial espionage, destruction of infrastructure, distribution of pornography, embezzlement of funds, and so on. According to Sylvia, each incident usually has a specific purpose, ranging from crippling the economy and politics, increasing wealth, taking revenge, or just having fun.

“If a cyber incident occurs, that’s when a digital forensic investigation is needed,” said Sylvia. He explained that there are five stages in digital investigation, namely: identification, extraction, analysis, documentation and presentation.

Apart from explaining the role of digital forensics, on this occasion Sylvia also shared many case studies of data leaks and/or cyber crimes that occurred in a number of countries.

Guided directly by Novi Widyaningrum, M.A (PSKK UGM researcher and MDKIK SPs UGM doctoral student) and attended by more than 100 participants who joined online and offline, the public lecture “The Role of Digital Forensics in Disclosure of Cyber Incidents” was successfully held at the Agus Auditorium Dwiyanto MPA, Masri Singarimbun Building, PSKK UGM.

You can download the public lecture material “The Role of Digital Forensics in Disclosure of Cyber Incidents” at the following link. MATERI