Technical Education and Training Center Sends MEP Study Team to CPPS UGM

16 August 2023 | media_cpps
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PSKK UGM – Education and Training Center for Educational and Religious Technical Personnel sent a team to study Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning techniques at the Center for Population and Policy Studies Gadjah Mada University (CPPS UGM) Yogyakarta. This activity was carried out in collaboration with Innovation, Australia’s educational partnership for Indonesia.

Head of the Technical Education and Training Center, Mastuki, said that sending the team to CPPS UGM was part of the Human Resources development design at the Technical Education and Training Center. “This is the first team we sent, there are 7 people. “Furthermore, there will be a team that we will send to learn techniques for creating learning media content, techniques for compiling narratives, as well as training and training services,” he said in Ciputat, Tuesday (15/8/2023).

Mastuki added that while studying with CPPS UGM they will learn many things related to monitoring, evaluation and learning. “Together with Innovation and CPPS UGM, this team will study the Theory of Change and Results Framework to develop the ability to design monitoring, evaluation and learning in training,” he added.

Mastuki said that sending this team in the long term could help improve the quality of training services and strengthen training resources organized by the Ministry of Religion through the Technical Education and Training Center. “We are trying to send this team to Yogyakarta as an investment in better future training services. “We hope that the quality of the training will get better, more relevant, and really needed by the community, user based training,” he explained.

Mastuki requested that in the future the knowledge gained by the team sent to CPPS UGM could be transmitted to the training organizing work units within the Research and Development and Training Agency, as well as educational units within the Ministry of Religion. “In the future, we will introduce the Theory of Change and Result Framework to all training organizing institutions and educational units in the Ministry of Religion, so that periodically the quality of training services and the quality of educational services will increase,” he asked.

Learning at CPPS UGM was carried out privately and intensively, attended by only 7 participants with mentors from CPPS UGM and Innovation, taking place in Yogyakarta from 14 to 20 August 2023.


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