Carrying the mission of supporting community welfare, UGM PSKK researchers held hearings in Hong Kong and Taiwan

20 April 2023 | media_cpps
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CPPS UGM – CPPS UGM senior researcher, Dr. Sukamdi, Dr. Pande Made Kutanegara, and Dr. Hakimul Ikhwan held audiences in Hong Kong and Taiwan (HKUST Business School Central, Hong Kong; Tamkang University, Taiwan; National Cengchi University, Taiwan) to establish international collaboration. In this meeting we have the same enthusiasm to support the progress and welfare of society, especially those of Indonesian Migrant Workers and migrant children. This is in line with the SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals 2030, point 3 regarding healthy and prosperous living and point 8 regarding decent work and economic growth (decent work and economic growth).