Perdagangan Anak Perempuan

24 Juli 2012 - 09:14:00 | admin

The practice of trafficking in children for the sexual purpose in Semarang are in such places as poci tea stand, Sunan Kuning prostitution complex, pen house, massage house, discotheque, beauty parlor, and residential house. The research gets the case of trafficking in children for sexual purpose in Sunan Kuning prostitution complex, poci tea stand and pen house. The technique in choosing the informant uses snow ball system. The number of the informants in this research are 15 victim of trafficking, completed by 10 key informant. They are trafficking broker, activist of NGO, journalist, and government officer. Data collecting uses intermediate participatory observation method, in-depth interview, and focus group discussion. Data analysis uses the method of descriptive qualitative collaborative (triangulasi). Qualitative analysis is carried out by category analysis and quantitative analysis is carried out uses single frequency distribution table.

The issues in this research are the net work, violence, and policy. Trafficking net work spread in side and out side. In side net work has four steps: recruitment, mother boarding, marketing, and sexual service. The most often recruiting the victims are through deceiving (73 percent). Recruiting also hand out by pressure with violence, debt bounded, forming of cadgers or learning. The actors recruit victims are dominated by prostitute and brothel keeper (66 percent). They are the recruiting actor are boy friends, employer, broker, and parents. The recruit places are home, travel, public area.

Trafficking in children for sexual purposes victims are getting such as violence as physical, sexual, mental, and abandonment. The violence that makes the victim phobia is sexual violence such as pangris, sodomy, and tindhikan.

Research recommendation for overcoming the policy is the need to make one rule about trafficking to trap the actor and consumer to protect the victims. Implementation of the rule needs socialization to the society and empowerment the apparatus continually. It is cause by the rule that is not accommodate the trafficking in one hand, and in the there hand there are partials in-sight and gender bias so there is no gender sensitive to handle trafficking.

Key word: Trafficking, Network, Sexual Purpose.