30 Desember 2023 - 11:09:46 | media_cpps

In 2022, CPPS UGM will remain consistent in its efforts to anticipate the direction of this academic discipline revolution, developing and organizing various research projects.  Multiple collaborative projects have been completed with our partners, both domestic and international, and the results have been judged exemplary. These include (but are certainly not limited to) research on Increasing the Capacity of MSMEs in the Process of Procurement of Government Goods/Services and Acceleration of Local Economic Development in Disadvantaged Areas.”

Though many of these research projects were developed along applicative lines, they have also contributed to the development of knowledge. Most of the data from these research projects has been used by the CPPS UGM researchers to write books or journal articles, and some community assistance programs of CPPS UGM have departed from the findings of these projects. No less interesting are the several national seminars organized in response to the results of the CPPS UGM research.

Finally, we hope that you enjoy the innovative activities and publications of the staff of CPPS UGM, particularly those related to realizing our institution’s vision “Becoming a research school which combines education with research and is able to become a pillar in the creation of a quality and educated generation for our nation”.

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