Social Security and Social Policy in Indonesia

01 April 1997 | admin
Project At Glance
Country Indonesia
Region Bantul (DI Yogyakarta), Sidoarjo (Jawa Timur), and Klaten (Jawa Tengah).
Name of Client URGE DIKTI – Depdikbud RI
Address DIKTI Gedung C, Lantai 18 Depdikbud, Jalan Raya Jendral Sudirman, Senayan, Jakarta 16270
Duration of Assignment 25 months
Start Date February 1997
Completion Date March 2000
Prinsipal Investigator Prof. Dr. Agus Dwiyanto
Principal Investigator (Not on the list)
Research Team Irwan Abdullah, Dr., Prof., Dr. Pande Made Kutanegara, M.Si., Faturochman, Dr., Prof.
Research Team (not on the list)
Profiles of Professional Staff Provided by The Center Anthropologist, Public Administration Specialist, Social Psychologist

The purpose of this research is to understand how people cope with all the problems in their everyday lives. This survey involved a sample of 939 respondents. Some selected respondents and key people were interviewed deeply. Three main areas have been formulated to describe it, namely the identification of socio-economic changes in society, the forms of strategies that have been formulated, and its implementation by the community in solving the problem and how the involvement of all social institutions in order to solve the social problems.

Initial activity is the preparation of a proposal by the Center entitled and send it to the donor. After obtaining the approval of the funding commitment, the next step is the preparation of the research instrument, the implementation of the study, data analysis and report generation. Center entitled also convey to the public the findings of this study as well as to the donors.