Sunat_Belenggu Adat Perempuan Madura

26 Juli 2012 - 09:16:00 | admin

This study aims at describing female genital cutting in Madura, focusing on exploration of this phenomenon and how it is practiced in the social and cultural context of Madurese society. This study also tries to reveal a historical, social and cultural practice of female genital cutting, the spread of this practice, and how the female genital is handled. In other words, this study is an effort to understand the meaning of female genital cutting for the society under study, which includes a sociological analysis towards those who do not practice female genital cutting. Aside from that, this study also tries to see the variation of female genital cutting, what equipments and medicines are used, and what the implications of this practice are towards reproductive and sexual health of women.

For the majority of the Madurese, female genital cutting is considered as a tradition that does not need to be questioned. Therefore, the negative implications of female genital cutting were never considered a serious matter. Female genital cutting is a cultural practice that is seen to be a part of everyday life. Even if there are negative implications due to this practice, women have to bear it without questioning the practice itself. Questioning whether this practice is an obligation is seen to be a moral disgrace, let alone raising the issue of female genital cutting as a violation of women’s rights. The road to ending this practice seems to be a long one, unless it is initiated by the religious and community leaders in the society.

Key word: Genital Cutting, Tradition, Reproductive Health, Sexual Health