Seksualitas Remaja

23 Juli 2012 - 11:20:00 | admin

The release of sexual drive through masturbation has been considered by adolescents as the safest sexual activity from contracting HIV/AIDS, even though it has been prevented by religious restrictions.

The research makes an attempt to describe the adolescents’ comprehension in Yogyakarta about the spreading and its prevention of HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, the research tries to answer these following questions: (1) what is the relationship between sexual behavior of adolescents and the spreading of HIV/AIDS?, and (2) What kinds of sexual behavior do adolescents take on to release their sexual drive? Through involved observations, indepth interviews, and group discussions, research has found that the sexual behavior of adolescents is exhibited by three forms. First, adolescents with low self control, tend to disregard social norms and carry out the unwarranted practice, such as premarital sexual relationship. Although they discern that the consequences of such behaviors may result in contracting STDs and HIV/AIDS, they continue to do the improper practice, as an excuse just to please their partners. Second, adolescents have realized that the usage of condoms during sexual intercourse or even abstinence is an effective means for preventing HIV/AIDS. Their knowledge may be acquired through their curiosity on various sexual experiences. Third, in order to release their sexual urge, some adolescents perform masturbation while the others engage in sexual relationship.

The data from this study suggests that in order to minimize the impact of adolescents’ sexual behavior, to prevent the spreading of STDs and HIV/AIDS, it will be necessary for adolescents to understand more clearly about the knowledge of reproductive health.