Save The Children MTE Report

13 Februari 2020 - 11:32:21 | admin

Save the Children sponsorship program for children to fulfill the needs of children from birth to adolescence. The mission of the program is funded by Sponsorship is to change the lives of children, both sponsored and non-sponsored children. This activity aims to ensure children have healthy lives early on, the opportunity to learn properly, and get protection from various threats to their lives. So that future children are expected to get a decent life and have a better chance at life and lifelong success. Save the Children has started implementing Long-term sponsorship programs in West Sumba in 2014 and Central Sumba 2015. This program aims to reach 100,000 children and their community for 10 years to improve the quality of education and health services for children in West Sumba and Central Sumba through five core programs.

Save The Children collaborates with the Center for Population and Policy Studies (CPPS) Gadjah Mada University / UGM to carry out midterm evaluation activities (MTE). The MTE activity aims to provide input for decision makers in formulating various policies based on evaluation results. With the evaluation, information obtained can be used l to assess program success, output, procedures, objectives, according to key performance indicators that have been prepared. So that the results of this MTE will be able to provide policy recommendations towards the implementation of future activities.

The Center for Population and Policy Studies UGM would like to thank you for the hard work of all parties so that this MTE activity can be carried out well. Thank you to the research team from CPPS UGM consisting of Eddy Kiswanto, S.Si. M Si.; Sri Purwatiningsih, S.Si. M. Si.; Triyastuti Setianingrum, SIP, M.Sc. Sonyaruri Satiti, S.Si. M. Si, Dyah Kartika, S.Si. Ec.Dev. Suryo Wahyu Utomo, A.Md. Thank you to all respondents and informants who have provided data and information in carrying out MTE activities. Thanks also to the Save the Children Sumba team and The Sayangi Tunas Cilik Foundation, who have put their trust to CPPS UGM to collaborate and provide various facilitation in the implementation of MTE activities.