Penggalangan Kesehatan Maternal Di Sipirok

24 Juli 2012 - 09:15:00 | admin

There should be a service for pregnancy and maternity care in the community that takes a side on reproductive health clients. It is important to create collaboration between provider and client. Up to now, there is no advocating for client. Clients of health service do not have a tool to reach their rights. A provider is more dominant than client in service delivery because of unorganized client is. So that, before creating collaboration between provider and client through the program of Committee of Development, we should organize the clients first.

This paper is the result of an action research to organize clients of pregnancy and maternity care as a preparation for collaboration between provider and client in one committee. This activity was conducted on Sipirok Sub-district; a sub-district in South Tapanuli where farming is the main occupation for the most population. But they are vulnerable to the reproductive health problems, such as: giving birth without a hygiene tools and high risk, or become an object for the success of socialization of contraception. Besides, there is no good relation between health staffs and clients and health facilities are poor.

Organizing health clients of pregnancy and maternity care in this society is not too easy. It is rather difficult to establish an organization for clients in health sector. It takes time to develop the organization. Besides, it is needed an associate organization to formulate a vision and a mission of this new organization. Related with this matter, there is an agenda for assembling mass to support this organization, case investigation, institutional building, and supporting system.

Until finalize this report, KEKASI and Panji Taradila are still in the process of implementing the agenda to create a health service delivery on pregnancy and maternity that take a side on the reproductive health client rights. Through this service we hope that risks in pregnancy and maternity problems can be prevented and be eliminated.

Key word: Client, Health, Reproductive Health.