Paedofilia Di Bali

26 Juli 2012 - 09:20:00 | admin

The tourist industry in Bali has recently become an international network for child trafficking, especially for pedophilias. Child trafficking by pedophilias is a systematic form of exploitation, which will affect the children’s development. Based on that fact, this study poses three main questions in order to understand the phenomenon of child trafficking by pedophilias in Bali. The first question is what is the pattern and form of child trafficking by pedophilias? Second, how large and how serious is the problem of child trafficking by pedophilias? Third, how do policy makers respond to this problem? This study was carried out in 8 months by using a qualitative method through participant observation and in-depths. Informants were chosen through snowballing techniques. A qualitative descriptive analysis and triangulation was carried out in order to achieve a description of the phenomenon through empirical facts and a naturalistic environment.

The local government has also not yet responded to the issue of child trafficking by pedophilias, because there is still no strong evidence and data about this crime. The local government from the provincial level until the village level tends to remain passive and only observe the development of cases on child trafficking. This attitude is an attitude that will not be effective in overcoming this problem. Even though there may be cases in which some pedophilias are captured, the case will only be processed legally through pornography accusations so pedophilias will only receive minor charges. This fact also proves that the problem of child trafficking by pedophilias will not be able to be solved through a legal approach per se. It will still need a specific government policy to overcome this practice.

Key word: Child Trafficking, Pedophilias, Sex Industry, Network