Kualitas Pelayanan KB Dalam Perspektif Klien

24 Juli 2012 - 08:16:00 | admin

The Indonesian family planning movement has gone through consistent evolutionary stages on population program and has been recognized as a successful program. Although the achievement made so far is significant, the family planning program requires new strategies to improve the country's current position and also to improve the quality of services for both potential and current users.

This was a cross sectional study aimed at identifying clients' perspectives on the quality of care in family planning services delivered by public health centers in Yogyakarta. Sample of this study in two community areas of Yogyakarta Province, with low socio-economic characteristics were purposely selected. A complementary data collection, including quantitative and qualitative approach was applied.

Women in this study expressed that almost all elements in the unit of service received were satisfactory. The weakest element was information given to clients. Family planning clients have not been given sufficient emphasis to full and honest information about various contraceptive methods, side effects, possible risks, and other reproductive health issues. This information was least covered during service contact. On the other hand, the majority of clients did not urge to ask questions and preferred to be told what they should do.

The results based on relationship analysis between social factors and quality of care showed that women's level of education, occupational affiliation, and degree of participation in the community organization either in urban or rural areas were found to have important relationship with women's views or perspectives on the quality of care in family planning services.

Recommendation based on the findings suggested that in order to improve quality of care delivered for women, empowering women's knowledge about various reproductive health issues, is essential. Women with less education and low social economic status should be a focus of serious concern for the family planning program. Community organization can be an effective media to disseminate information about family planning and related reproductive health issues.