Kekerasan Seksual Terhadap Anak Jermal

23 Juli 2012 - 11:27:00 | admin

This study tries to explain the phenomena of sexual abuse committed by adult workers toward children workers at jermal located on the east coast of the North Sumatra Province. This study also tries to understand what the effect of the sexual abuse behavior toward children workers at those jermals is.

The study has found out that the tendency of adult workers who committed sexual abuse was based on the adult sexual desire that live at jermal without any sexual outlets. The cold weather especially at night, the quiet work condition, and the lack of entertainment availability may intensify the sexual fantasy of adult workers. Furthermore, the jermal’s conditions and their locations which are isolated at sea (around 8 to 12 miles from the nearest coast), make it possible for adult workers to do whatever they like to the children, including sexual abuses. These kinds of situations are possible due to the absence of control from the jermal’s owner and from the law enforcement.

The types of sexual abuses which are directed toward children workers are sodomy and other uncommon sexual behaviors. As a result, many children workers have escaped from the jermal because they could not stand the circumstances any longer. Generally, the victims of this sexual abuse not only experienced physical trauma, but especially suffered severe mental stress.

In addition to these findings, the study has also discovered a particular sexual behavior of adult workers at the jermal. They have worked and lived long enough at the jermal and most of them are married. Those adult workers also committed sexual intercourse with children workers. The practice may lead to great danger for children who are susceptible of contracting Sexual Transmitted Diseases.

This study has been explored at a particular jermal unit at Labu beach of the Deli Serdang Regency using the qualitative method. The data in the study was obtained by using participant observation and interviews with some particular informants such as: adult workers, children workers, ex-children workers, jermal owners, the parents of children workers, and fishermen who have knowledge about the situation and the conditions of the jermal. For data analyzing, the study used the descriptive and triangulation techniques.