Hak Reproduksi Perempuan Dalam Pandangan Kiai

23 Juli 2012 - 11:41:00 | admin

Women’s reproductive rights has been a global perspective in recent. It refers to actual change. Likewise, it is a potent issue in accordance with Madurese Kyais that have a unique stereotype.

The research is purposed to explore kyai’s view on the women’s reproductive rights based specifically on three aspects, such as (1) identify some factors influence kyais’ view; (2) to describe their view on the women’s reproductive rights; (3) to detect the effect of the view to families, santri (Islamic student), and society.

In fact, the results did not support the previous assumption, because of potent religious and local tradition. Yet, it can be stated below: Firstly, there are four factors integrally influence kyais’ view. Namely: Islamic perception, education, social interaction, and information acces. The Islamic perception and education seemed to be the dominant factors: secondly, the kyai’s view can be identified into traditional, moderate, and modern: thirdly, there was a strong effect of kyai’s view to families, santri, and society. This was indicated by the statement “napa ca’na kiaeh pon” (everything is up to kyai’s advice).

In common, the findings had a strategic implication for women, kyai, and others. So, they should collectively make efforts for building condusive and proportional women’s reproduction rights atmosphere through reinterpretation, advocation, and socialization. It has been known then, that the task was not for women only, but us. Not for today, but for a long-term struggle.