Gigolo Dan Seks

23 Juli 2012 - 11:15:00 | admin

Development of tourism in Bali has made the area as ne of places mostly visited by tourists. Foreign tourists' visits to Bali on one side give impacts to economic benefit, but on another side they also cause deviation of Balinese society's culture. One form of Balinese cultural deviation is the emergence of behaviours of gigolos, those who serve for sexual needs of foreign tourists visiting Bali. The emergence of gigolos in Bali has become a common phenomenon in almost parts of tourism objects in Bali.

Tourism object of Ubud is one of destinations in Bali which is often visited by foreign tourists. The area of Ubud as a tourism object belongs to domicile objects, those are areas of tourism which enables tourists to stay together with the local society. The impact of such a kind of domicile tourism object is the creation of people's residences as home stays for tourists.

The development of these home stays has opened a possibility for occurence of sexual intercourse between the tourists and the local people. The existing tendency shows that the emergence of local male residents' behaviour to become gigolos begins with the development of interaction between the local people and the tourists staying at their home stays. Free sexual intercourses between gigolos and so many unfamiliar partners make them susceptible group to PMS/HIV infection.

To scrutinize the high risk of and the pattern of preventive measurements against PMS/HIV spreading among the gigolos, a research on gigolos living in Ubud has been carried out. The research tries to describe about the gigolos, their ways of thinking about the spread of PMS/HIV, the preventive measurements against the disease or virus taken by them, and also the factors influencing efforts of measurement. This research is a case study on eight gigolos, carried out by ways of detail interview and involved observation. The interview and observation is done while the researcher is staying or living together with the gigolos' families so as to directly get involved in their daily lives.

The results of the detail interview and the involved observation describe that the gigolos have behaviours risky of PMS/HIV infection. How much potention the gigolos have to be infected with PMS/HIV depens on the sexual behaviours of the gigolos who often change partners, either those who are foreign tourists, prostitutes or local women. The high risk is influenced by wrong perception about the spread of and measurement against PMS/HIV.

The low understanding of the gigolos about the patterns of infections influences on infrequency of the use of condoms. In fact, not all sexual intercourses commited by the gigolos are protected by using this device. Condoms are only used in sexual intercourse when clients ask them to or clients have physical defect showing tendency towards PMS/ HIV contract. Information about how these diseases spread, how to prevent them and who are risky of these infections mostly is got from their friends who have the same profession.

To lessen the gigolos' high risk of PMS/ HIV infections, it can be recommended that the time has come for the gigolos group to get proper knowledge about how the diseases spread and how to prevent them effectively. The dissemination of information can be achieved by taking advantage of their friends of the same age as informants of PMS/ HIV. Besides, it has been the right time to give them facilities to get condoms so as to motivate them to use such a kind of device.