Redefining State Community Relations In Conflict Area Policy Alternative On Post Conflict Handling

31 July 2012 | admin
Project At Glance
Country Indonesia
Region West Kalimantan
Name of Client RUKK Project, The State Ministry of Research and Technology
Address Jakarta
Duration of Assignment 18 bulan
Start Date February 1, 2003
Completion Date November 30, 2003
Prinsipal Investigator Prof. Dr. Setiadi, M.Si.
Principal Investigator (Not on the list)
Research Team
Research Team (not on the list)
Profiles of Professional Staff Provided by The Center Anthropologist, International Relation Specialist, Public Administration Specialist, Social Psychologist.

The high incident of conflicts in this country is related to the government’s incompetence in handling them. The facts show that this incompetence is rooted from the disharmonious relation among the elements both in the state and in the society. As a result, disharmony in socio economic relation patterns occurs both internally and externally. The research funded by the Ministry of Research and Technology through RUKK program. As the first phase of the project it focuses on getting the pictures of various social, economic, and political problems that hinder and influence the society’s and government’s competence in handling conflicts. The research conducted in Kabupaten Sambas and Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Based on the research result, the failure to solve the conflict occurring in both places comes from the problems of socio cultural acculturation, access and competition in using economic and political resources, as well as the mechanism and policy in managing local resources.

Developing project proposal Developing research instrument (questionnaire) Data collection and analyzing Reporting and publishing research findings Developing networking Formulating recommendation