Labor Force Abroad Apprenticeship Program Placing Consideration And Guarantee 2

03 August 2012 | admin
Project At Glance
Country Indonesia
Region Yogyakarta
Name of Client Competitive Grant, Research Institute, Gadjah Mada University
Address Lembaga Penelitian UGM Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta
Duration of Assignment 8 bulan
Start Date March 1, 2005
Completion Date November 30, 2005
Prinsipal Investigator
Principal Investigator (Not on the list)
Research Team Dr. Agus Joko Pitoyo, M.A.
Research Team (not on the list)
Profiles of Professional Staff Provided by The Center Demographer and Statistician

This research basically tries to study the mechanism in apprenticeship program for migrant labor from Yogyakarta. The study is also try to identify the constraints in empowering the return migrants as well as identify their activities, and whether the program has successfully increase their independency and participation in the local development level. The result shows that there is no evidence the empowerment program for migrant who already involved in apprenticeship program.

Developing project proposal Developing research instrument Data collection and analyzing Reporting and publishing research findings Formulating recommendation