Indonesian Household Welfare Survey (SKRI) 2013

28 August 2013 | admin
Project At Glance
Country Indonesia
Region Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Makassar, and five cities in Jakarta
Name of Client The National Team for Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K)
Address Gedung Grand Kebon Sirih Lt. 15 Jalan Kebon Sirih No. 14 Jakarta Pusat 10110
Duration of Assignment 3 months
Start Date June 2013
Completion Date August 2013
Prinsipal Investigator Dr. Sukamdi, M.Sc.
Principal Investigator (Not on the list)
Research Team Dr. Agus Joko Pitoyo, M.A., Dra. Wini Tamtiari, M.Si., Eddy Kiswanto, S.Si., M.Si., Jevri Ardiansyah, SIP., MPA
Research Team (not on the list)
Profiles of Professional Staff Provided by The Center Population Specialist, Public Policy Specialist (Social Protection Program and Poverty)

In 2013, the National Development Planning Board estimates that reduction in fuel subsidies will lead to a significant increase in inflation of 9 percent of poverty trap. Without any further policy adjustment, the poverty rate of 11,6 percent would rise to 12,2 percent, which means, there are 30 million people in poverty. Several steps were taken to maintain the welfare of the community, particularly those who have low income. There are two major programs that were introduced by the National Team for Acceleration of Povert Reduction (TNP2K), namely the Program for the Acceleration and Expansion of Social Protection (P4S), and the Special Compensation Program. The program targets poor households (RTM), and vulnerable. In order to access the social protection program the beneficiaries (based on the Integrated Data Base) receive the Integrated Social Security Card or KPS. Indonesian Household Welfare Survey is a part of monitoring and evaluation activities that is conducted by the Center, to understand the implementation of social security and protection programs. The observation was carried out in 12 cities in Indonesia, such as Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Makassar, and five cities in Jakarta.

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