Governance and Capacity Building Of District and Villages In DAVs Tangguh LNG Project

01 January 2011 | admin
Project At Glance
Country Indonesia
Region Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua
Name of Client BP Indonesia
Address BP Berau, Ltd. Perkantoran Hijau Arkadia Tower C, 11th Floor Jl.T.B.Simatupang Kav.88 Jakarta 12520 Telp.021-78549234
Duration of Assignment 3 years
Start Date January 2011
Completion Date January 2014
Prinsipal Investigator Prof. Dr. Setiadi, M.Si.
Principal Investigator (Not on the list)
Research Team Dr. Umi Listyaningsih, M.Si., Henny Ekawati, S.Sos., M.Si., Sumini, S.Si., M.Sc., Dyah Kartika, S.Si., M.Ec., Dev.
Research Team (not on the list)
Profiles of Professional Staff Provided by The Center Demography Specialist, Migration Specialist, Anthropologist

Institutional capacity building mentoring program of district and village conducted at Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua Province. The program is conducted by the Center for Population and Policy Studies, Gadjah Mada University in collaboration with CSR British Petroleum (BP Indonesia, 2007-2011). The activities are training and mentoring regarding (1).strategic planning in Integration of Planning Program at the village level. Integration of planning between the company’s programs, other programs and government programs that exist in the assisting village in Musrenbang (Musrenbang, making RPJM village and the village’s annual work plan). 2).function and duty of village officials, village councils and district authorities, 3).administrative governance, 4).financial planning village (budget of the village) and the financial management of the village and district. In subsequent years (2011-2014), cooperation resumed by organizing various training and mentoring programs in order to increase the capacity of officials in villages at Teluk Bintuni Regency. For about three years, this program focuses on the area of Babo District, Sumuri District, Tomu District, Weriagar District, and some villages which are still in the administration and even was outside the administration of Teluk Bintuni Regency.

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