Posts from Research: Demography

It is one of the research areas and knowledge basis for population studies with a multidisciplinary approach that has been developed since the CPPS UGM was established in 1973. In addition to examining demographic variables, such as fertility, mortality, and migration, this research area also pays attention to contemporary population issues using quantitative analysis and is complemented by qualitative analysis.

Survei Indeks Kepuasaan Layanan Masyarakat Di Puskesmas Sekota Yogyakarta 2008

Survei Indeks Kepuasaan Layanan RSUD Kota Yogyakarta

Program Penguatan Kapasitas Kelembagaan Dan SDM Di 5 Distrik Kabupaten Teluk Bintuni

Pendataan Perizinan Di Kecamatan Gondomanan Dan Kecamatan Pakualaman Di Kota Yogyakarta

Pemetaan Dan Penyusunan Parameter Kemiskinan Di Kota Yogyakarta

Pengembangan Sistem Monitoring Dan Evaluasi ISP

Child Health And Migrant Parents In South East Asia CHAMPSEA

This inter-disciplinary study examines the effects of parental absence due to international migration on the health and well-being of children left behind…