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Since early 2000s, policy has become a field of study that complements population studies at CPPS UGM. At present, it is being developed to respond to the latest population issues in order to produce policy recommendations. Several studies of governance that have been carried out at CPPS UGM include autonomy and decentralization, public services, and community empowerment.

Penyusunan Instrumen Indeks Kepuasan Layanan Masyarakat Bidang Pengelolaan Pasar Kota Yogyakarta

Studi Evaluasi Indikator Kemiskinan Kabupaten Bantul

The evaluation study measures the output and outcomes of poverty indicator against the inputs and plan and standards.. The evaluation was done…

Governance And Capacity Building In The District Of Babo And Sumuri And In The Villages Of Tanah Merah Saengga And Onar

Penyusunan Peta Perkembangan Usaha Peningkatan Pendapatan Keluarga PKK Di Kota Yogyakarta

The Potency Mapping of the Increase Family Income Effort (Usaha Peningkatan Pendapatan Keluarga/UP2K) is conducted to map the condition of the Family…

Survei Audiens Preferensi Media Untuk Pendidikan Program RESPEK Di Papua

The project aims to conduct survey on the community’s choice and habits related to the use of information media. The baseline data…

ISP Governance Program In Bintuni 2009 2012

Survei Indeks Kepuasaan Pelanggan Puskesma Se Kota Yogyakarta