Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Bontang City

06 April 2022 - 09:19:30 | media_cpps

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the global commitments that are important to be considered in any development agenda of the local (city) government. There are at least two things that underly it. First, the shared intentions and goals to achieve the targets and indicators therein. There are 16 goals, 169 targets, and 222 indicators that must be followed up by the local government’s policies, programs, and actions. All targets and indicators must be adapted to the local context, social development, and urban economic. The political dynamics greatly affect program and budget commitments at the same time so that the targets and indicators achievement may increase or decrease. Second, the SDGs has an interrelated broad scope, multi- purpose, and complex issues. Any policy responses related to the achievements must involve and obtain support across actors and sectors, while the SDGs is a new item in development. This can hinder the involvement of multi-actor in achieving the SDGs.

Starting from these two important points, the city needs to record the process of achieving the SDGs targets and indicators. Recording is useful for monitoring indicators and development programs. Also, it is learning source and media on the efforts to achieve the SDGs. This article presents information about the SDGs goals, targets, and indicators achievement in the Bontang City. Using descriptive analysis, this article describes two main topics, i.e., relevant policies or programs to support the SDGs and its goals and targets achievement.