Customer Satisfaction Index of JIH Hospital in Semester 1 – 2021

11 April 2022 - 09:17:45 | media_cpps

One of the citizen’s rights that must be fulfilled is to obtain quality public services. As a citizen’s right, the state regulates its implementation by making a regulation. One of them is the Act of the Republic of Indonesia Number 25/2009 concerning Public Services. Article 1 Paragraph 1 of the Law asserts that public services are described as activities or a series of activities in fulfilling service needs by laws and regulations for every citizen and resident for goods, services, and/or administrative services provided by public service providers. Article 4 of the same regulation stipulates that the implementation must be by: 1) public interest, 2) legal certainty, 3) equality of rights, 4) balance of rights and obligations, 5) professionalism, 6) participatory, 7) equality of treatment/non-discrimination, 8) openness, 9) accountability, 10) facilities and special treatment for vulnerable groups, 11) punctuality, and 12) pace, convenience, and affordability.

To ensure that the principles of public service delivery are met, there must be service standards which are the minimum measure of how public services should be run. In this case, the service standard becomes the benchmark used as a guideline for service delivery and a reference for evaluating service quality as an obligation and commitment of the public service providers to the community in terms of quality, fast, easy, affordable, and measurable services (Article 1 Paragraph 7 of the Act of the Republic of Indonesia Number 25/2009 concerning Public Services). If the service standards are met, the community as users of public services should be able to have a satisfactory service.

The Community Satisfaction Survey in this regulation is described as a comprehensive measurement activity on the level of community satisfaction with the quality of services provided by public service providers. To assess the quality of service and the fulfillment of service standards as reflected in the satisfaction of the service users, the government requires public service providers to conduct Community Satisfaction Surveys through the Regulation of the Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14/2017 concerning Guidelines for Preparing Community Satisfaction Surveys of Public Service Administration Units.