Pusat Studi Kependudukan dan Kebijakan

Pusat Studi Kependudukan dan Kebijakan

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Paedofilia Di Bali

The tourist industry in Bali has recently become an international network for child trafficking, especially for pedophilias. Child trafficking by pedophilias is a systematic form of exploitation, which will affect the children’s development. Based on that fact, this study poses three main questions in order to understand the phenomenon of child trafficking by pedophilias in […] Read more →

Sunat_Belenggu Adat Perempuan Madura

This study aims at describing female genital cutting in Madura, focusing on exploration of this phenomenon and how it is practiced in the social and cultural context of Madurese society. This study also tries to reveal a historical, social and cultural practice of female genital cutting, the spread of this practice, and how the female […] Read more →

Sunat Perempuan Di Bawah Bayang Bayang Tradisi

Many myths surround female genital cutting among the Madurese that motivate Madurese to carry out this practice. Combined with social pressure on women who have not undergone female genital, this practice is still part of a ritual obligation among most of the Madurese. This research explores (1) female genital cutting among Madurese in Yogyakarta, especially […] Read more →

Aku Harus Berhenti

HIV/AIDS transmission among injecting drug user communities have potential impact for general population through their risk behavior either in injecting practices or sexual practices. Objectives of this research are identify the characteristics of IDU in Yogyakarta and their risk behaviors, develop an intervention that fit with their characteristics and recommend a model for doing intervention […] ... Read more →

Aborsi Dalam Perspektif Lintas Agama

Abortion is considered as one of the reproductive health issues that spark controversy from religious perspectives. Each religion has different views in judging abortion. In the meanwhile, the government of Indonesia is categorized as one of the countries that take on the most conservative position, by explicitly prohibiting the practice of abortion as stated in […] Read more →